Header with responsive megamenu #10

This is premium block. You need to have an active subscription to be able to copy this block. Check our plans here.


To prevent FOUC, insert the CSS code in Oxygen Stylesheet. Also this is experimental menu and all the styling is in the code (CSS). You can edit few things via variables there (or more, if you are advanced user). Despite we used Header builder to wrap this menu (because of sticky option) you can use it without that. Just put it in any section. We plan to tweak this menu more and make it editable all via editor in the future + also make it dynamic 😉

How to use it?

1. Copy the block

By clicking you will copy the code generated by Hydrogen plugin

2. Paste the code

For that you will need a Hydrogen plugin or its free version Hydrogen Paste.

3. Edit content

Adjust content and styling to your needs. All elements are using unique classes so they won´t colide with each other.