#8 Weekly update – LTD is back

May 8, 2022

Play it:

As already discussed in the Facebook group, we have decided to bring the LTD license back. There are several reasons for this:

  • We are gradually moving from a hobby project to a more serious one. It’s no longer about just one person, we’re talking about a team.
  • With us now releasing new design sets and blocks, we need seed money to cover the team’s costs.
  • A lot of users who didn’t know about us would like to support us, but the subcription model doesn’t appeal to them

From now on you can expect more regular updates from us regarding new blocks and especially new design sets, which we are now fully focused on. As more of them are added, we have to take into account the price increase for LTD. And by a certain point, when we reach a certain amount of blocks and design sets, the pricing model will switch back to subscriptions again.

Thanks for understanding and most importantly thanks for supporting us!