#7 Weekly update – New blocks available for Automatic.css and Oxyninja!

May 2, 2022

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Hi guys,

I have exciting news for you! First, we just released our first Woocommerce template, and boy, what a challenge it was. To be more specific – we made 3 versions of that. One vanilla, without any depedency, one for Automatic.css and one for Oxyninja. This will be a standard for future templates as well. You may notice our other template for Digital agencies as well, also freshly cooked and available in 3 versions :-).

Also one more sweet at the end. New blocks will have, from now on, also 3 versions (vanilla, automatic.css, oxyninja) as well! Starting with this one. We plan to rebuild our existing blocks as well but let’s wait what will Oxygen 4.0 bring to us… :-).

That’s all for today, let’s get back on track!