#6 Weekly update – New Woocommerce template and Agency template

April 18, 2022

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Hi guys!

Long time no see. It was really quiet for past 2 weeks. I can finally say that we are very close to release our 2 full templates. One for Digital Agencies and one for Woocommerce – furniture shop niche. Yes, you read it right, we are going to release full templates and we will keep doing that to bring more value to our subscribers. This is all a result of listening to your requests. You guys helped us to shape our goal we want to achieve.

Oxygen is really missing ready-made templates so we will try our best to fill this gap. As for single blocks – we will try to keep adding just the unique ones that we think that they will be useful and inspirational – not just simple and plain blocks.

Those ready-made templates will come with 3 versions. Vanilla one – without any depedency on any framework. Oxyninja version – made with Oxyninja. And last but not the least – Automatic.css version. That´s why it took us so long to put it all together but now I believe that we have a right grip and we will be releasing templates more often.

As for pricing – each full template will be offered for single price, users can purchase them without purchasing OxyCollections subscription. But for LTD holders and all subscribers it will be all included in their plan! Just imagine its value when there will be more than 5 full templates :-).

Stay tuned!