#5 Weekly update – change of plans

March 22, 2022

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Ah sh*t here we go again…you must be thinking right now. But really, we had to change our plans a little bit. As we dig deeper and deeper into Woocommerce we realized few things. That if you want to achieve more complex layouts, for example to have custom add to cart button and quick view function, with just a Code block it is not enough, we need to create an Oxy component for that. And for maintaining components you need to have another plugin…so that is something what we want to avoid for now.

I also deleted a date info in our roadmap as it created more pressure on us than we thought. For example to reach 200+ blocks in March…we could achieve that, but I think the quality of blocks will surely suffer. Our focus is still on Woocommerce. But we receive more and more requests on building whole pages / templates with some existing framework like Oxyninja or Automaticcss. So here is  what we’re going to do:

  • Full templates for Woocommerce websites (homepages, product pages, archive pages, cart, checkout…) – Using Automaticsss, Oxyninja and also a vanilla version without dependency on any framework – I believe first template could arrive in 4 weeks.
  • Release at least 5 non-woocommerce blocks / per week (this will not change, we have this goal since the beginning)

That’s it for today. Hope you have a wonderful day.