#3 Weekly update – Woocommerce blocks here we go

March 7, 2022

Play it:

So it’s been a week since we added last block. What happened since then?

We have done a deep research on which woocommerce blocks we should build next and cart and checkout pages came out on first thought. The problem is that, to be able to change those pages structure, CSS itself is not enough. We need to play with PHP actions and filters as well. So that’s what we have been doing this whole week, researching how to present this to Oxygen user so they can easily manage it by themself. We might have found some decent solution but still testing it. So before it is fully tested, we will release simple blocks first (heros, categories, banners, archive…) and then move on complex ones (cart, checkout). Regarding to the complexity, the actual target of 200 blocks for March appears to be harder to achieve but never say never 🙂 We will try our best of course.

It is also hard to focus on work these days when the situation in Europe, where we and our families live, is really crazy…God bless normal people who suffers from this madness.

Stay tuned.