#12 Weekly updates – better headers

June 9, 2022
just released our 2 new improved headers:
  • accessible through keyboard
  • dynamic menu
  • sticky option
  • slide from left or right option
  • close offcanvas on menu link click (useful for hashlinks)
  • multilevel dropdown
  • fixed issue of overflowing last link submenu
You will now find (almost) all the settings in one place – Codeblock, via CSS variables with comments so even new users can understand what they do. Always look for Codeblock usually with name “Block settings” after pasting our block – there you will find most likely options to change. Also dont forget to put all the CSS code to Global stylesheet to prevent Flash of unstyled content (FOUC).
Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome, feel free to share them here, to PM, through e-mail. You can also discuss on how to make it better – overall, how to make our blocks better.
For those who prefer a video: