#11 Weekly updates – Oxygen 4.0

June 4, 2022
OxyCollections has been fully updated to Oxygen 4.0
What does this mean for users:
  • All new blocks are compatible with version 4.0+
  • All old blocks are compatible with version 4.0+, provided you use the Hydrogen or Hydrogen Paste 1.4+ plugin to copy them or import them from the block library.
  • All templates have been updated for Oxygen 4.0
You need to have Oxygen 4.0 to use them from now on.
If you have our blocks on Oxygen 3.9 or older, by updating Oxygen, our blocks will be updated too.
  • We have finished re-creating old blocks with Automatic.css version! Also for Oxyninja, but to be honest, Oxyninja sucks (atm) and their framework was not enough to cover all of our needs so the Oxyninja and Vanilla versions of old blocks are basically the same.
  • All the blocks (in 3 versions) are now available through native Oxygen design set library, which means you don´t need to have 3rd party plugin like Hydrogen to able to paste our blocks to your website. Check your Account for licence keys for each version.
  • Fixed issue with Repeater in Oxygen 4.0 (Oxygen team added few new default styles to it) and applied to our Blocks and Design sets
  • Released Onboarding video for (not only) new users: https://youtu.be/B1ZgL-vd3V8
Next week:
  • 2 new full templates ready to be released 👏
  • Bunch of new Blocks postponed because of our re-creation of old blocks 👏
  • Video on how to build full website with OxyCollections 😁