Largest Collection of Unique Blocks and Design Sets for Oxygen Builder.

Created for all Oxygen developers looking for inspiration and new ideas for their projects.
key features

Why OxyCollections

Independent blocks

All created blocks do not depend on any framework (e.g. OxyNinja, OxyMade, Automaticcss...). You can copy them to any site using Oxygen.

Fresh looking Design sets

Import our premade websites and start your project right away without any hassle. Each design set has its own unique clas naming convention. That means you can use more design sets on the same page.

Blocks available for Automatic.css and Oxyninja

Are you looking for consistency? With our blocks built with Automatic.css and Oxyninja you can easily achieve that. Take advantage of those two mentioned frameworks and build your website faster!
New feature

Design sets available for Automatic.css and Oxyninja

Choose a design set you like. Copy to your website using Automatic.css or Oxyninja and take advantage of their utility classes and features!
New feature

Oxygen elements only

We use 100% Oxygen elements only to create all our beautiful and modern blocks. Discover all possibilities of Oxygen with us and take your project to next level.

Improve your workflow

Do you want to quickly insert components such as modals or sliders but are running out of ideas or don't have time? Well, look no further. Check out our blocks!

Copy & Paste 24/7

Members of OxyCollections have the access to all the blocks and design sets 24/7. You can copy them anywhere and anytime.

Free Blocks and Design Sets!

Our vision is to build an enormous collection of design blocks for all Oxygen users. And of course there will be a lot of free content for the Oxygen community. In near future, you will be able to contribute free stuff via our website to Oxygen users as well.

It's already Responsive

All the design blocks are optimized for smaller devices and mobiles. You just need to focus on creating your content. 

Start using our Blocks and Templates on your project now!

Semi-Yearly Access
Access to all Blocks
Access to all Design sets
6 months of updates
6 months of support
Unlimited websites
Renews at €69/6mths
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Yearly Access
excl. VAT
Access to all Blocks
Access to all Design sets
1-Year of updates
Unlimited websites
Renews at €99/year
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Lifetime Access
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 Lifetime updates
Unlimited websites
Lifetime Access to all Blocks
Lifetime Access to all Design sets
Access to all future Blocks and Starter Templates
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OxyCollections?

Oxycollection is a design set of unique blocks to improve the UI. It allows you to build websites with Oxygen elements only without depedency on any framework or addon.

What are the requirements?

You don't need anything other than the Oxygen Builder. For pasting blocks you need to have installed Hydrogen plugin, which has also a free version Hydrogen Paste.

What payment methods do you accept?

We use Stripe for all card payments, so you can use Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and PayPal.

What happens when my license expires?

If your license expires and you do not renew it, you will no longer be able to copy Blocks from our collection.

Do you offer refunds?

We provide a refund within the first 14 days of purchase if you find that our Blocks are not working as it is supposed to or you are not getting any help from our support. If you are unsure about something, contact us.

Is it compatible with other design sets?

Absolutely! We build our Blocks with that in mind. All Blocks from OxyCollections do not depend on any framework. Each Block is unique on its own.

If you are using e.g. Oxyninja or Oxymade, you can use our Blocks on your website without any hassle.

What the future holds?

To start with, we want to release at least 5 new blocks per week so that users have a variety of new blocks to choose from. From time to time we will release some free stuff as well.
Have any other questions? Feel free to contact us.
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